Monday, December 7, 2015

NC Vineyard Visit

Sunday-Funday taking a limo to local vineyards for Holden's birthday!

We had to make a pit stop and I found this at the local Citgo....I'm obsessed with local honey!  Ohhh the things you can find at small gas stations!

My new horse (I wish) Golden

Shhh we fed him carrots....who knows how the owners feel about that!

Clearly I was obsessed with Golden!

We stopped at three Vineyards....they were all considered boutique vineyards, but I was impressed with all three.  Dobbins Creek, Laurel Gray and Shadow Springs.  My favorite was Dobbins Creek, but this could be due to the fabulous owner, Charles....he was my absolute favorite and answered all of our questions.  Needless to say after celebrating with Holden all day, a burrito and an early bedtime were calling my name to close a fabulous Sunday!  Have a wonderful week!

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