Friday, March 27, 2015


I am sooo happy that it's Spring, but craving summer already!  I want to put my toes in the sand, have a frosty drink in my hand and end it all with a dance party on the back porch.  Hence the reason, Luke Bryan has been on repeat this week with his song, "Shore Thing."  My friends and I are going out Saturday night-which means hangover patches engaged, high heels and "going out" outfits for our dance party at a throwback (think old school rap along with Britney Spears) dance party bar.  It's amazing how much harder it is to recoup from a big night out and all the prep that goes into a successful night out-nap time, making sure you start the night off with the right drink, drinking water and taking an Advil before bed.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Last weekend, Mama Jill and I headed to Charleston to complete the celebration of my birthday.  That Southern gem was the perfect spot to wrap this whole birthday shebang up into a beautiful bow.  We shopped (Lilly Pulitzer, Anthropologie, Louis Vuitton, Lily of Charleston), we ate (Poogan's Porch, High Cotton, Peninsula Grille, Cypress), we walked into multiple art galleries, dreamed of owning a house in Charleston and sipped afternoon cocktails (Thoroughbred Club, Poogan's Porch Bloody Mary's).  It was the perfect weekend to catch up, hang out and just be with my bestie!  Sunday, my friend Erin and I hit up Dean & Deluca for dinner and then saw Cinderella.  It was such a beautiful movie and I loved the constant theme throughout the movie, "Have Courage and Be Kind."  I definitely think this is a saying that should be repeated and definitely has weight in my life.  I've been taking leaps within my life and hoping that they pay off soon.....because change is not something I do well or welcome with open arms.  Sometimes you just have to force yourself to take that leap and open yourself up to have courage and be kind!

Love these Sandals-sooo comfortable!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring

I am headed to Charleston with Mama Jill to finish up the birthday celebrations.....I know my birthday was over a month ago, but my world traveling mama just got back into the country.  We are hitting the trail down south to eat, shop and walk ourselves all over the city.  Cheers to the first day of spring and all things pastels!  You're welcome for the eye candy below, Sam Hunt is such a hottie and bonus an incredible singer and songwriter!!  Enjoy his new single, "Take Your Time."

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Closet Update

 Warning-the first two pictures may give you a panic attack!

Very Scary before pic of my closet.....these pics make me cringe!

After California Closets installed my new built-ins....nothing but smiles
This makes my heart go boom boom-oh the organization, ease of finding what I need, I could go on and on!

 Soooo I was worried about contracting California Closets, because I've heard they are super expensive and for some reason I always think of the glamorous Real Housewives on Bravo.  Surprisingly, they are reasonable and the designers will work with your budget and the exact needs you have.  I would highly recommend them!!!

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Friday, March 13, 2015


I am obsessed with Flywheel-best workout ever and the cardio is great for my asthma, even if I am the one who sounds like an 80 year old women breathing hard and possibly wheezing.  The other best thing about Flywheel is the music, my favorite instructor Denise plays the absolute BEST music.  Thanks to her kick butt Monday class, I am now in love with NEEDTOBREATHE's song, "Brother" which features another favorite of mine, Gavin DeGraw (see video below!).  Today, California Closets is installing my new closet, thank goodness since the organized part of my soul is about to freak out with all my clothes, shoes and bags strewn all around my condo.  Obviously tonight will be spent organizing everything just right, so I can breathe easy again (pics to come). Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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Monday, March 9, 2015


Beautiful Figure8

My sweet Kellie-my cousin who is a senior at her, my soul sister!

My two besties from FOREVER-we got to catch up and just relax-best weekend ever!  I am so lucky to call them my sisters, they know me inside and out!

A wine tasting at Petit Philippe-a great wine store in Charlotte!

I am obsessed with making smoothies!  They are my go to breakfast and sometimes dinner!
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Friday, March 6, 2015


I'm finally staying in town to catch up on life and clean this little home of mine.  They are redoing my closet next Friday (pics to come) so that means this weekend will be spent cleansing!  Since it's a clean out mode kind of weekend, music will be my best friend and companion.  I love Hozier, his new single, "Someone New" makes me smile.  Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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