Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend is a celebratory weekend, my cousin Kellie is graduating from UNCW Nursing School Friday and Mother's Day is Sunday, which means we are celebrating Mama Jill ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Mama Jill is known and loved by all that know her.  She is a true gem and a feisty Southern woman, we call her the Queen for a reason.  She is the easiest person to talk to, my voice of reason and most importantly my best friend....I know it sounds super annoying, but we legit just get each other.

Thanks Mom for always supporting me, never pressuring me to be anything other than myself and for being the cool mom among all my friends!  I love you Marmie!

I love you, you gorgeous, always smiling, strong woman!


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  1. What a sweet post! Y'all could totally be sisters. Love the last picture - candid shots are the best!

  2. beautiful post. Say to to your mom for me!

    The Color Palette