Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby Hayes

This weekend was full of events!  A royal baby was born-how beautiful and adorable is she?!?!  Ohhh and how great did Pricess Kate look-hello stunning!  That same morning, Elizabeth Anne was born, one of my good friends sweet baby.  There was the Derby on Saturday, I went to a Derby party that was so much fun.  I learned a lot about fight night-probably more than I ever wanted to know and then to cap off this fun-filled, crazy busy weekend, Sunday we celebrated my best friends baby with a baby shower in Greensboro!  Baby Hayes Elizabeth Wood will be making her debut in June, but until then we made sure that sweet little girl had everything she needed!  Thanks Mama Jill for co-hosting this shower and for just being an all around awesome party thrower!

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Mama Jill and Megan-the mama to be
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Beth (Megan's mum) and Megan

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Mama Jill and the daddy to be-Andrew
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Megan and her sister Kate

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The most beautiful and delicious lemon cake ever!
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The table

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High School friends

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Mama to be and me

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Love this pic-me, Megan and Mama Jill


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