Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sweet Christmas

I'm headed to Greensboro to spend Christmas with my family and cook Christmas Eve dinner.  I love the traditions that we have continued and the new ones we have welcomed, such as me hosting Christmas Eve dinner for both sets of grandparents and random friends that are in town.  One of my favorite traditions I have with my dad is to ring the Salvation Army bell.  We have done this since I was a little kid and will ring the bell on Christmas Eve per usual!  I'm taking a little break from the blog, to rest up and be present with my family.  My parents and I are heading down to the Cayman Islands on Saturday for a week for some R&R, so check back here in the New Year!  Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, spread the sparkle and cheer to everyone around you!

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  1. Have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful trip to the Cayman Islands!

  2. I used to always ring the bell with one of my parents growing up, and then friends in high school. Such a great tradition :) Have so much fun on your trip, it sounds amazing!