Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas in Review

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been!  The weekend before Christmas was spent with friends, having last minute toasts at the Ritz and dancing at the Roxbury.  Christmas was a crazy train of cooking and spending every drop of time I had with my family.  Sweet M3 had a wonderful Christmas and was delighted by his own set of golf clubs that my parents gave him.  He also loved all the trucks, puzzles and coloring activities we gave him-one spoiled sweet babe!  Christmas lunch was spent at my grandparents farm-thank goodness they brought in extra tables for the 60 plus family members that piled in to spread the Christmas cheer and raise the noise level an octave or two.  My sweet cousin Lindsay made my day by pulling me aside and asking me to be her bridesmaid-sweetest moment of Christmas day!  All of my cousins from my aunts and I decided to have our family friends professionally photograph my grandparents to give as gifts to our moms and then give a copy of the photo book to our grandparents as well.  Best decision and gift EVER-these pictures are priceless and I am sooo thankful my cousin Nathan's wife Chloe came up with the genius idea!  More to come on the rest of my time off!  Below are some of the pictures taken by Jagg Photography of my sweet grandparents!!

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