Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Date Delight....a fab recipe!

Full Disclosure......this is not the most glamorous looking appetizer, but it sure does taste divine!  My mama made me her assistant cook Wednesday and we whipped these bad boys up in no time!  See below for the recipe and trust me when I tell you they are delicious, just ask one of my 20+ cousins who tried them Thursday :)

-Dried dates that are pitted (mama Jill bought hers from the Fresh Market)
-Two small logs of goat cheese
-Chopped pecans
-2 packages of prosciutto  

Cut the dried dates in half long ways.  Cook the prosciutto until it's crispy aka well done in a skillet over medium heat.  Mix the goat cheese with the chopped pecans and cooked prosciutto.  Stuff the mixture into the date and voila a delicious tasting appetizer.  It has the best of both worlds, something sweet and something salty!  The prosciutto gives it a delicious crunch, but you can also refrigerate them and eat them the next day!

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  1. I bet these are amazing. i just started eating date last year.