Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sweet Vacay!

Mama Jill and her other two daughters-my besties Megan and Kippy 
The gang-we get together every year for the Fourth of July Parade at Figure 8 Island!

My fave!!!

Papa M and I!!!

We rode in Andrew's new Jeep!

I left last Wednesday to head to our beach house at Figure 8 Island.  Luckily Arthur only hit us Thursday and we only lost power for an hour, thank goodness since that was my night to make dinner-Shrimp Creole!! My friends Andrew and Megan actually drove from Raleigh to the coast during Arthur-brave souls!!!  Friday, we all celebrated the Fourth by heading to the 46th annual parade!  This yearly tradition is one of the best!!  We literally ran ahead to get in line for the free swag and corn dogs-Andrew and Kippy may have trampled a couple of children that were in their way.  It was a super low-key, chill weekend with plenty of eating and drinking and laying out.  Until next year......

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