Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Name Plate

Did you ever have a difficult time back in the day when you would search for your name at Claire's and never find your name correctly spelled on a necklace or bracelet?!?!?!?  Welcome to my world if you are nodding your head!  Mama Jill was bound and determined to make my first and middle name as unique a spelling as possible.  She swears it's because she didn't want people calling me "Meg," but I think it's because she wanted my name to sound as Southern as possible!  With that being said, I was pumped when Stella & Dot introduced engraving, so of course I jumped at the chance to have a necklace with my name spelled CORRECTLY on it!  Check out their new styles here and just a heads up they ship super fast!!!

 photo signature-33.png


  1. cute necklace. I could alway find name. Over here in Germany I can't find my name on the coke bottle.