Thursday, July 17, 2014


 I wanted to share with you my new favorite workout, FLY Wheel.  It is one of the best workouts in my opinion, get ready to burn calories, sweat like crazy and have a fabulous cardio intensive workout.  The room is setup with stadium seating bikes, the lights are out except for a spotlight over the instructor and the music is pumping....loudly!!  Everything about the setup is perfect for you to get into the zone and as they say, "Never Coast."  You have the option to compete with others if you care to partake, I personally do, since this pushes me even more!  You use real cycle cleats that lock into the bikes, they have them ready in a cubby that has your bike number on it when you check in.  I encourage you to take a class if there is one near you!!!  The one in Charlotte is absolutely awesome!!!

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