Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plum Pretty Sugar

Y'all are in for a delicious find of mine, Plum Pretty Sugar.  This website not only has a little bit of everything, but it has my favorite thing feminine jammies.  The print options are out of this world, love all the pink tones and the prices are right!  I discovered this line through a friend in Tennessee and then low and behold my bestie Kippy was wearing an adorbs pair her bachelorette weekend, which solidifies that I definitely need a pair!  Y'all should definitely check out their website!!

These are my fave and I'm pretty sure the ones Kippy has-this won't be the first time we've copied each other!  Mama Jill swears we are twins separated at birth...

This might be one of mama Jill's Christmas presents-she does love a good robe!

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