Thursday, October 24, 2013


This little girl reminds me so much of myself, a girlie girl, carefree, princess at heart and a dreamer.  I am a person that gives my all to whatever I am doing, but especially to my friends and family.  Half the time I have to force myself to step back, to not take on so much, to not volunteer and specifically to not over-commit myself.  I have been majorly over-commiting myself in every aspect, I need to remind myself to slow down, to focus on myself and to not stress that everything has to be perfect.  I am officially kicking off the month of myself, I am going to do what I want to do (within reason, I am an adult after all), not over commit myself (fingers crossed, mom I know you are laughing because you know me too well) and take a breath.  I have been going non-stop and yes it has all mostly been doing fun things, but it is time to burrow in and just chill.  Wish me luck friends!!!

P.S. Obvi I will still be blogging...duh!!


  1. GOOD LUCK!! I think blogging counts as taking time for yourself!

  2. I totally need to take your advice!!