Monday, October 28, 2013

Crushed It

I had an ahmazingly chill weekend in Charlotte this weekend.  Friday afternoon was spent with at a family friends house and her adorable granddaughter Braxton.  Braxton and her friend put on a show for me and preceded to belt out Taylor Swifts, "I knew you were trouble" over and over again, such fun mini divas!  To top off that performance, my friends and I headed to the Visualite to see Will Hoge perform.....killer voice!!  Saturday, my friend Erin and I crushed Crowder's Mountain.  A total of 6.4 glut toning, leg shaking miles.  It was a beautiful fall day with not a cloud in the sky, to say we felt victorious is an understatement.  The perfect weekend to kick off the month of myself....cheers friends to a successful week!

1 comment:

  1. You did crush it! Way to go. That's a long and arduous hike! So proud and you are probably lookin' hot with some nice toned up gluts and long legs!