Monday, October 7, 2013

I Gave My All to Tennessee....all weekend long!

Last Friday, I packed my bags and headed through the mountains to Knoxville, Tennessee for the big Tennessee-Georgia game.  I swung by the airport to pick up my friend Sarah and we kicked off the weekend right, drinking at our old stomping grounds in the Old City.  It was a nostalgic walk down memory lane, we ended Friday at Cool Beans on the strip and caught up with our Pi Phi sister Tori.  Saturday was bright and early, thank you Lord for the hangover patches we wore!  For some god awful reason we decided to walk from the Old City to the Strip, a 5 mile minimum hike in 88 degree heat, let's just say it's ahmazing how fast you can go from super cute to super gross in 5 minutes flat in that kind of heat!  The stadium was packed, so thankful that Sarah snagged us great tickets for the game.  There is nothing like a Tennessee game, the traditions, the fans, the orange and the aura just make it such a magical experience!  Sarah and I screamed our heads off, sang Rocky Top about twenty times and cheered on our VOLS.  We didn't win the game, but our VOLS finally showed up and played their hearts out!  All in all it was a fantastic weekend with friends and lots of orange!
Hey Blurry, but had to post-Pi Phi Sistahs!!! This would be BEFORE Sarah dropped her iphone.... 

Love Smokey...Old City
Jig and Reel-Such a great bar, nothing but country music!!!

Sweating our hearts out for Tennessee!!!

Power T and the players running out

Home Sweet Home

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