Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Two New Besties

Via Neiman Marcus

Via Neiman Marcus

I love Kate Somerville products, but after a Kate Somerville facial at Neiman Marcus last Saturday I am OBSESSED with the above two products.  I continue to have annoying hormonal acne, just once a month that annoys me to no end!!  I mean I'm in my late 20's (ruh ro....dirty thirty is fast approaching) I thought by now I would have just a fabulously glowing face all day, every day....not so much!  Who knew that maintaining a sparkly face would be so much work and so expensive!  But, back to my new best friend the Hydra Clear Hydrating Acne Gel, it is amazing and has cleared away my hormonal breakout that was just beginning on Saturday.  I used it two times a day at first and now use it every other night before I moisturize.  It truly works and if you don't believe me, go to Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom and ask for a sample-one of the best things about Kate Somerville is the ability to try things through samples, plus they are perfect when you are traveling.  My other new bestie is the Replenishing toner.  I usually don't use a toner, but this helps with moisturizing your face and smells amazing like oranges.  I use this nightly before lathering up with all my other takes a village to keep this youthful glow going!  Y'all should definitely try out my new besties!

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