Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend at Sea Island

Last weekend, my friends and I headed to Sea Island for a girl's weekend.  We had the most amazing time, per usual.  Sea Island is one of my favorite spots and we've made it a bi-yearly event.  We hit the spa on Saturday and overall had the best, most relaxing weekend.  Cheers to Sea Island and the entire staff at the Cloisters, they make our every trip special and amazing!

Ready for take off with a glass of champagne

My friends Catherine and Megan....sweet tea, ham n goody cookies and champagne-clutch Friday morning!
Bathroom selfie after lunch at the River Bar

Checking out S Carter pieces at the boutique

The Lodge-watching the sunset and listening to the bagpipe player

Cocktail hour-more champagne!

The bagpipe player over the 18th hole

Bathroom selfie before Saturday night's dinner in the Georgian Room
Chef's table for dessert

My favorite view...

With Love, Magen

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