Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm Baaaccckkk....

What a fun, whirl-wind Christmas and New Years were!  I got to catch up with all my family and several friends over the break.  My mawmaw cooked us lunch the Friday before Christmas-so good, baked beans, corn and cornbread, just a few of my favorite things.  M3 legit woofed his down and was almost licking his plate.  Pawpaw took us for a gator ride in the woods, it was quite the adventure.  

Christmas was amazing, filled with lots of cousins at the farm.  Soo much love in that house when we're all together!  M3 loved presents and was super pumped to help everyone open theirs as well.  Hardin was a sweet, happy little Buddha.   Being in Greensboro for a straight week was actually really nice and chill.  My parents and I worked out at the Club several times and had some sweet last minute parties out at the fire pit.  It's the longest I've been in Greensboro for years and I didn't hate it!

Friday before New Years, I flew down to NOLA to hang with my college roommate, Laura.  We had a great time, just chilling and ate at Emeril's new restaurant, Meril's-it was fabulous!   Saturday afternoon we drove to Mississippi for a house party and to ring in the New Year.  It was a perfect way to welcome 2017.  
Pawpaw and M3-we sure do love our adventures!

M3 sandwich between Mimi and Maymay

The sweetest boys-Hardin and M3

My besties came over Christmas Eve night so I could see Hayes open her Christmas presents from me-she was obsessed with the baby doll I gave her!

My sweet Pawpaw and I on Christmas Eve-one of my favorite traditions, I cook Christmas Eve dinner every year

Happy Hardin

Mimi and M3 by the fire pit.  He grabbed her hand and said, "I miss you Mimi. I want to live with you and Big Pappy and Maymay too."  I think he misses our slumber parties we had while Hardin was in the hospital.  Sweet boy!

With Love, Magen

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