Friday, July 15, 2016


Another morning waking up to such tragic events.  My heart goes out to Nice and all of France.  For me personally, the loss of innocent children is what get's to me the most.  The images are chilling along with the thought that this could happen anywhere.  Innocent events, such as watching fireworks are no longer safe, makes me incredibly sad.  The thought that everyone has to be so vigilant in what is going on around them 24/7 is another sad reality.  Mama Jill and I have a trip planned to Nice in September and my first thought to her text last night was, we're still going.  I refuse to miss out on amazing places, but it definitely makes you think more about safety precautions and makes you hyper aware of your surroundings.  I pray for the victims and their families, along with all of France.

With Love, Magen

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  1. It so sad what happen there. France has been getting hit hard with these attack and its not right at all.