Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Georgia On My Mind......

My friends and I got back to Charlotte late Sunday night, just in time to watch the Oscars-sorry, not sorry the Oscars were a complete let down and waste of me being super tired yesterday!  My friends and I had the BEST time at Sea Island!!  Friday, we arrived in time to kick off the weekend with cocktails in the River Bar or as us Southerner's refer to it, the Rivahhhhhhh.  We then checked into our fabulously upgraded Suite-thanks American Express!  We took a shuttle to their other property, the Lodge and watched the bagpipe player while having champagne.  Dinner was at the main hotel at the delicious Italian spot followed by a dance party in our room-we have re-discovered Missy Elliott and she was on point on Pandora Radio!  Saturday was spent at the spa and walking on the beach-the Cloisters has the most relaxing spa!  We had a fancy dinner in the Georgian Room and ended the weekend with more great food, another walk around the property and just soaking up the sunshine!  We all pinky swore that we will plan our next trip back in the fall, so until the fall-or until I find a way to become Eloise and just move in permanently!

Inside the Rock Garden in the Spa.....trickling water

The Foyer of the hotel-we lounged here with our drinks before dinner

Back Porch relaxing after our 5 mile walk

Walking in the low country-beautiful trees and Spanish moss

We loved these beautiful teapots and called them Mrs. Potts and may or may not have hummed a few notes from the Beauty and the Beast ;)

Completely in my happy place!

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  1. Everything looks so pretty!! Now I want a fancy teapot...

  2. I hardly watch award show any more. Glad you had a great weekend.

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