Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Obvi I had lots of fun in Austin with Sarah, because it has taken me a few days to post about our fab weekend!  I landed in Austin just in time for us to start listening to the Tennessee game-I mean I love Tennessee, but my bestie Sarah takes it to a whole other level!  After Tennessee played their hearts out, but sadly lost, we took our tipsy selves (Sarah made us delish cocktails while watching the game) to Benji's Cantina, a cool tex-mex spot that was two levels.  Lucky for us, we grabbed seats in the bar and noshed down some of the best food ever, I had a chicken enchilada!  According to all my research, we had to hit sixth street, which is exactly what we did.  We went to the Ranch, a two story bar that was open to the perfect weather.  We made friends with the bartender like any smart girl should do and preceded to have the night of our lives.  All throughout this bar were steer heads, deer heads and various other animals-it was quite the Texas atmosphere....which naturally meant I LOVED THAT PLACE!!!  We discovered another level to the Ranch where DJ Silver was blasting out all the country hits, so of course we had to dance a little bit.  We hit the sidewalk in search of our next spot and found the Star bar where we sat on the patio and Sarah preceded to high five every person walking by and pouting when they didn't high five her back-needless to say we made multiple friends!  

Saturday, we took ourselves to the Domain, the coolest outdoor shopping area with lots of huge, beautiful trees.  We had lunch at Gloria's another tex-mex spot and then walked around-I was soaking up all the warm weather and sun I could!  While at Gloria's, we had the brilliant idea to see if we could snag seats to the iheart country radio concert later that night....and as luck would have it, we found two!  We walked to the concert and were blown away by the amount of acts that played-Lady Antebellum, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Jake Owen to name a few.  After a whirlwind concert that lasted until 12:30am we hit the hotel and noshed on late night food.  To end our whirlwind weekend, we had brunch at Searsucker-the coolest spot EVER. It was open, airy and very restoration hardware and they killed it with their smoked pepper bacon!  If you ever get the chance, head on down to Austin!!!

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