Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year 2014

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    The Holidays were a whirlwind, I promise to post pictures sometime soon.  Tonight is New Years Eve and one of my biggest resolutions for the new year is to limit time around negative people.  There are some people in our lives that we have to be around aka family.  I am that person who strives above and beyond to make everything perfect, it has taken me a really long time to realize that I cannot and will never be perfect.  Negativity and people who try to bring you down really affect me, simply because I don't understand that thought process.  I am an incredibly positive person and always strive to be happy in whatever circumstance, with that being said negativity really affects me.  I am pretty sensitive to negativity that comes my way, but specifically when it is targeted at me to make me feel bad about myself.  My goal for the new year is to severely limit my time around any and all negativity, because after all life is way to short to be brought down by others.  So cheers to the new year, may 2014 bring you nothing but positive thoughts and time with friends and loved ones. 

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