Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Christmas Wedding

Last weekend was quite the whirlwind.  I went to Greensboro Friday for a bridesmaid luncheon at the Proximity Hotel to celebrate my best friend Kippy's wedding weekend.  From there it was a day of getting everything done, checking her into the hotel and making sure we secured the dress.  The rehearsal went off without a hitch even though we were poor listeners and ready to get our party on.  Kippy, Honor and I decided to make a pit stop at the Country Club to see the most gorgeous winter wonderland decorations....so sad I didn't take pics and of course a glass of champagne to toast how fabulous her wedding was going to be.  Her rehearsal dinner and party was all greek since Mike (groom) is greek-think greek food, greek band, greek dancing and they even spoke greek.  We all partook in the greek dancing, even though I had no idea how to do it, hello they failed to teach us that in Cotillion.  Saturday began bright and early with a stop at Biscuitville so we could start the day off strong.  We began the beautification process at the O. Henry hotel, the perfect spot for our hair and makeup fairy godmother Carla to make us beautiful!  Kippy was a stunning bride, the hair, the makeup and that dress....ooohhhh lalala!  Her wedding was at 5pm at Phillips Chapel, the bridesmaids sang, "Going to the Chapel" really loud with the doors closed (for more acoustics) before we began our walk down the aisle, adding a little something special.  It was a beautiful ceremony, short and sweet with all the right parts of laughter and meaningful moments.  The reception was at the Country Club, to say we ran for cocktails is an understatement.  Honor and I almost knocked down a few people to get our cocktails, thank goodness no one was hurt!  The bridesmaids brought the party, we literally danced to EVERY song the band played and the music they played when people began to sit down.  It was a wonderful night of dancing, being twirled and dipped on the dance floor....hey magical!!  I ended the night with my parents, my lovely friend Megan and her hubby aka my other brother Andrew by the fire pit in my parents back yard.  Mama Jill saved us all by making us grilled cheese sandwiches-this is just one of the many reasons why we all love Mama Jill so much!  It was a wonderful, exhausting weekend!  Thank the good Lord for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and more biscuitville on Sunday morning.....someone was a little over served....wink wink!  To top it all off I got to see my nephew M3 on Sunday before I headed back to Charlotte.

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  1. Love it!! Man, a mama Jill grilled cheese really would have helped me out!!

  2. yay for a Christmas wedding! I've always thought that would be so nice! cold, but nice! that's what the white furr is for, right? lol gorgeous bride and you look lovely as well :)