Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Cayman Island Adventure

Mama Jill and I had the BEST time in the Cayman Islands!  We left last Tuesday and came back (sadly) Sunday night.  To say we soaked up the sun and relaxed is an under statement.  I read SIX books, how ahmazing is that?!?!  The Cayman Islands treated us perfectly, we saw nothing but friendly faces, beautiful blue skies and aqua water and who can leave out the fun cocktails, Cayman Lemonade and Painkiller were our faves.  Mom and I had the time of our lives in our Lilly Pulitzer bathing suits, perfectly southern monogrammed hats and of course tons of sunscreen, our new obsession is Sun Bum.  We are the perfect travel companions, laid back, perfectly content to split a bottle of red wine and a delicious meal, we were living the dream the entire week.  We both had two spa treatments, a massage and an energizing body scrub, where you are legit naked on a table and they scrub you down and then blast water all over you.  They then wrap you in some tingly seaweed concoction and you have the best facial and scalp massage of you life.  Then you are once again blasted with water from all sorts of shower heads and massaged with body lotion.....I think that was both of our favorite treatments.  One of our favorite waitresses continued to call Mom, "My Lady" so don't be surprised if she starts demanding everyone to call her by that......or her highness will always do!  Thank you Marmie for the most fabulous and definitely needed trip away!  Loves you!!!

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  1. Awww!! So fun! I need that SPA TREATMENT ASAP!! When drybar does the scalp massage, I'm in heaven, I can't imagine getting to add a facial to that! Heavenly!

  2. So Jelly! I'm glad you all had an amazing time! I think when Drybar turns into a salon and spa Sarah will officially be in heaven.

  3. looks like a fun getaway! that spa treatment/scrub sounds pretty amaziiiiing.