Monday, October 31, 2016

Hardin Alexander Murray

On October 18th, I became an auntie again.  Hardin is super sweet, has blonde fuzz, looks like by bro and has the biggest dimple in his cheek.  M3 was not wild about me holding baby Hardin, but our adventures after hopefully cured him of the jealousy.
M3 and I went on an adventure and bought a Star Wars Nerf Gun....such a hit!

Smiling boy

We had a great afternoon getting the "bad guys" at Mimi's house

Baby Hardin-don't worry I was burping him, not choking him!

That chin is all my brother

Snuggling that sweet angel

Mimi and sweet Hardin

My parents and bro at the hospital after he was born

M3 is going to be a ninja turtle for halloween

With Love, Magen

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  1. Congrats on become an aunt again.