Tuesday, June 16, 2015

M3 and Mimi Conversations......

Mimi: "You sure are cute"
M3: "I know, is that why everyone is stalking me for my pic?!?!"
M3: "You sure do laugh hard at my jokes"
Mimi: "You're killing me kid"

M3: "Maymay sure is stalking me like the paparazzi....if I have to say CHEEESSSEEE one more time, UGH!"
Mimi: "You should smile like meeeee, smiling's my favorite"

M3: "Fine Maymay, here's a legit smile"
Mimi: "Hahahaha"

M3: "I like to move fast like a ninja so Maymay can't get a legit picture, it's a new game, you should try it!"
 Mimi: "Literally you are the funniest person I know, hahahaha"

M3: "Legit, these pics are BORING, I'm just gonna go for it and bite you Mimi, you're welcome in advance!"
 Mimi: "You little tiger, ouch!!"

Mimi: "Bigggg SQUEEZEEEE"
M3:"Is this a chokehold or what?!?!"

M3: "Fine, we can kiss and make up, after all you keep me in gummy worms and my sippy cup filled to the brim with milk"
Mimi: "Legit, I spoil you, so you better pucker up"

M3: "How many kisses do you want lady?!?!  I have to think about my reputation as the smoothest kid on the block"
Mimi: "Juuuussstttt one more"

M3: "Let's at least be ninja fast to ruin Maymay's pictures"

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