Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thankful Park II

I am headed home today to start the celebration of Thanksgiving, to continue my thankfulness, here is part II.  I'm peacing out on the blog until next week to take a breather and just be.  Have a wonderful time connecting with friends and family!

  1. Friends who love to travel, especially Erin and Sarah.  These girls love to plan trips and we have the absolute best times wherever we may be going.  I believe there is a bit of a gypsy spirit in me!
  2. My loud, noisy family!  There will be 50+ at lunch for Thanksgiving and I love the challenge of spending time with everyone and yelling over each other in order to be heard.  
  3. My grandparents, they are the sweetest souls and leaders of our family.  They are the glue that keep us together and I love spending time with them.  My grandfather is the happiest, sweetest, smiling man you will ever meet, he has never met a stranger and I love seeing his big smile!
  4. Music-it is an absolute passion of mine and my vice.  I love all genres of music and love spending time listening to different artists and going to concerts.  I can't wait to sit by our fire pit with a large glass of wine with music playing.

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