Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Last weekend, my mom and I flew from Charlotte to Nashville to meet up with my three aunts and two cousins (all on my mama's side).  This is the fourth year we have taken a girl's weekend trip and I for one and super pumped we started (should I say forced them?!?!?) this wonderful tradition!  After taking forever waiting in line for our rental car and listening to two guys horror story about a sick passenger on a flight from Texas (No Ebola so far) we headed to the Flipside for lunch.  We met up with Megan my sorority sister and her son Ricky....the cutest, most well-behaved little boy I have EVER met!  Friday afternoon we walked around Broadway and stopped into Tequila Cowboy for drinks and live music.  We ate at the Southern for dinner and it was phenomenal....ahmazing food and ambiance!  We hit Broadway for some honky-tonk action and found what we were looking for at the Stage, they had one of the best bands playing!  Saturday, we hit the tourist spots and did a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame....soooo much stuff to look at, well worth the money!  We went to Merchants for lunch and then walked around until I came to the boot shop I wanted to check out.  Mama Jill and I both bought new boots and got a killer deal, if you don't own at least one pair of cowboy boots, you need to get on it!  Saturday night was mine and Mama Jill's favorite, we headed to the Grand Ole Opry for a great show and then headed back to Merchants for super late appetizers and drinks!  It was the best weekend, hanging out with Kellie, Lindsay (cousins)  and my aunts was such a treat!  Sunday, the girls peaced out and Mama Jill and I explored Nashville more.  We went to the Parthenon and then hit music row, where a friend of mine showed us around his office and we were able to meet one of the talented song writers.  All in all, a fabulous girl's weekend......until next year....aka Key West.......

We stopped to get ice cream at Jeni's...OMG the BEST!!!  I had Riesling poached pear sorbet!!!
Flash Tattoos naturally.....we all had peacock feathers...birds of a feather :)

Kellie, Lindsay and I

Merchants for late night snacks and drinks!

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  1. Looks like a blast! I love your cowboy boots!!

  2. look and sounds like you had an amazing time.

  3. Yay! It looks like you hit up a lot of really great spots! The Southern and Merchants are usually my two suggestions for people who want to stay in the downtown/Broadway area, but still eat good food. :) The Flipside is my fave new restaurant...and Jeni's is the absolute best!

  4. Your new nickname is flash tats!! Magen Flash Tats Murray!