Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Weekend

Thursday night I headed down to our beach house to meet my two aunts and grandmother.  Friday was a gorgeous day, filled with sun.  We had lunch at the yacht club with my cousin Kellie and then laid out on the beach all day.  Mama Jill joined us later in the day Friday.  Thank goodness for Friday, because the rest of the weekend was a rainy mess.

 Love taking walks with my mama, it sure does clear the mind and allow for some girl time and catching up!

Gunner giving me his stare, this crazy dog is obsessed with Mama Jill and follows her wherever she goes.....PS that is his chair, he waited for my grandmother to get up and then re-claimed his position....I mean how dare she take his chair?!?!?!

Our attempt at a selfie before dinner Saturday....a little blurry, but it's good enough for Mama Jill and myself!

Our one and only gorgeous day to spend the whole day on the beach.  Totally not complaining, because it was such a fun weekend!  Gearing up for a busy week at work....womp womp!

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