Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weekend in Review

Mimi and M3

Big Pappy, Mimi and M3

My godson/nephew M3

Sunday, my nephew M3 was finally Christened at our family church in Greensboro-Holy Trinity.  The first challenge-finding him a Christening outfit that would fit him....he's a beast of a kid (24 month clothing is how he roles) who is about to turn one, which is way past the time in which this babe could fit into a sweet Christening gown.  Luckily, I found him a sweet white linen sailor looking outfit to be Christened in....sigh!  Second challenge-he is definitely finding his voice and gave a few shrill screams in church....I told them to high tail it out of there into the waiting room with our sweet screaming demon.  Shockingly enough while our minister was performing the ceremony and pouring water on him, he was extremely calm and quiet, thank goodness!  So this sweet babe has finally been Christened and is the fourth generation of Murray's to be a member at Holy Trinity.  Mama Jill and I were plum wiped out after hosting a luncheon at our house and hit the back patio and fire pit with a bottle of wine....we totally deserved it!  We thought we were due for some peace and quiet, but my bro showed up with the fam, so we got to hang out more with the cutie above, who was perfectly content to bust a chill by the fire pit....thank goodness!

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