Monday, August 19, 2013


Somehow I survived the weekend, slightly bruised (I seem to fall and run into things a lot-and this happens totally sober) very exhausted and ready for a detox!!!  The weekend was chalked full of decadent food, lots of yummy drinks and oh yea LOTS of dancing-I think I sang shake what yo mama gave ya a couple times!  All I have to say is that all 20 of us ladies made a pinky promise to DENY DENY DENY, what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA!

LT the bride to be and yours truly ready for our first night out!
Walking around historical NOLA

Private room at Emerils-it was beautiful and the food was to die for!!!

We had our fortunes told-the things she said were kinda accurate....I have it recorded on a cd so I can listen to it after this upcoming year to see if things come true!!

Pat O'briens.....a fab piano bar, we made the mistake of having hurricanes-they were huge!!!  Jess and I-aka my soul sista after all our experiences this weekend!

And this was my downfall Saturday night-Dr. Pepper shots, they light them on fire and drop them in the beers and you take it as a shot!  This was at Gold Mine....quite the special place...wink wink!

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