Monday, August 12, 2013

Bar Crawl

Last Friday, two of my friends Erin, Mimi and I decided to embark on an adventure!  We hit Montford Drive-all 8 establishments on Montford and had a drink at each.  It was such an ahmazing adventure and the perfect test drive to see how my endurance level is, since I am headed to NOLA Friday for a bachelorette party for the "Royal Wedding" aka my friend LT's bomb ass wedding in the Hamptons.  My poison of choice was a grape vodka tonic with a lime and at one of the first places a margarita.  The night was filled with being super proud of ourselves, while most people looked at us in shock as we excitedly told them what we were doing.  We danced the night away, met a couple of cute guys and had an epic night.  The pictures are only from the beginning, because let's face it no one wants to see the end of the night pics!

These are the fun random things that we found on the crawl

My friend Mimi had to become a member here at Jeff's Bucket Shop-super small place in a basement and there was karaoke!!

A Margarita at Mavericks

Me, Erin and Mimi-clearly we are champs!!

And this was just too good to pass up-apparently Burt Reynolds wants lots of women to be his baby mama!  

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  1. CUUUUTTEEE!!! I want more posts like this one!! I need updates (and pictures) on your life!!!