Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Beach Weekend

Andrew and Megan-despite the clouds in the background, it didn't rain!

All the Rose...magnum with Catherine and Stephen

Rose all day from the back porch

We had gorgeous weather

Andrew drinking his margarita out of a wine tervis like a boss

All the girls-Catherine, me, Megan, Erin and Megan


The dudes-Stephen, Andrew and Rick

Some of my faves-Megan and Andrew

Andrew, Rick, Murdawg and Stephen...shots, aka their downfall

Basking in the sunshine with Catherine

Really, no comment needed 

The gang minus Mama Jill and Murdawg

We had an incredible weekend, might have eaten and been over-served, but that's vacation for ya!  Back to the stick this week!

With Love, Magen

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