Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cali Part II

Tuesday I flew to SanFrancisco and had a car service take me to Yountville to meet up with Mama Jill and Big Mike aka my mama and daddy.  We stayed at Hotel Bardessono-simply gorgeous!

Champagne to celebrate with Mama Jill

Big Mike was loving his whiskey sour

The trio at Fisher Vineyards

Continuum Estate

Loving our Krewe Sunnies!
Wednesday, we met my friends Megan and Rick to have dinner at the famous French Laundry.  It was on another level and a once in a lifetime experience!

Megan and I

So much joy-thanks for a fabulous trip to Yountville Mama and Daddy!

Favorite Vineyards-Fisher Vineyards, Continuum and Caldwell

Favorite Restaurants- Bottega and French Laundry

With Love, Magen

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