Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was super fun, but exhausting.  A live-wire 2.5 year old nephew will definitely wear you out!  It was great spending time with the fam, now it's back to the grind.  Another great summer down in the books!!
I've never given more piggy back rides in my life-at least it was a great work out...."weadddyyyy Maymay" he was literally always ready for me to throw him on my back.

Wearing our orange and cheering on the VOLS-yay we won, intense game there for a while!

Mama Jill and I with our matching Coordinates

M3 pouting and Big Pappy coming to the resue

"Rolling" the ball with big Pappy and throwing it when Mimi wasn't looking 
He put the hat on himself, so he could look like daddy

Raleigh taking in the scenery, he looks like a majestic lion! 

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  1. love the arm candy. Glad you had an awesome summer.