Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Code Jewelry

This means "Love"

This "Dearest" necklace is to die for!!!

Love these number rings!

Who doesn't love a little secret code, much less secret code jewelry?!?!  I personally love things that have a secret message such as our sorority handshake, my dad is still dying to know what it is......what is up with dudes and secrets, they just have to be in the know!  I love all things Lulu Frost and purchased my first piece last year.  I love the authenticity of each piece and how different it is from other jewelry houses.  I love the Code Jewelry and am definitely thinking about which ring or rings (how fab would they be stacked?!?!?) I need in my life....perhaps Christmas list (yes, I start this super early, a gal can dream!). 

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