Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Soooo when a rack in my closet broke over two months ago and my sad attempt to fix it failed and I ended up injuring myself (reoccurring theme and luckily I have my tetanus shot up to date) my brother said he would fix it.  When I brought up the sad state of my closet, he told me to just get an idea of what I wanted and he and the guys would build it for me, and to quote he said, "Just look around on Pinterest."  I'm sorry, is he out of his mind, because clearly my mind went wandering allover the place and pinpointed on opulent, beautiful closets that may be wayyyyyy into my future (a girl can dream) but for now are not reality.  Above are some of my very tame closet pins that I am dying for, sadly I'm sure my bro would laugh in my face if I showed him some of these pics, so I have scaled my ideas way down, ummmm you're welcome!!!  Cheers to men who have no idea the power of, "just go look on pinterest" has and the trouble it will get them in!

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  1. Haha Pinterest is seriously the best invention ever! Those closets are gorgeous, and if your brother knows how to build shelves... it's totally doable ;-)