Monday, May 5, 2014

Hot-Lanta aka Atlanta

 My friend Erin and I headed to Atlanta to see HAIM, helloooo best concert!!!  These chicks are sooo talented, it was ahmazing to watch and the theater was a converted church, so the venue was out of this world with stained glass windows and cool moldings.  We decided to ride this enormous Farris Wheel called Sky View, $13.50 will give you about a 20 minute ride and we went around at least 5 times.  It was extremely high and I was a little nervous on the first go-round, but after that it was a thrill.  Great views of the city and how many times can you say you rode a HUGE Farris Wheel in Atlanta?!?!?  Since our concert tickets were dirt cheap we decided to up the ante and stay at a fabulous hotel, hello St. Regis Atlanta in Buckhead!!  The most beautiful hotel along with the words, Miss. Murray, you've been upgraded....thanks American Express!  It was a breathtaking hotel, we came back to our room that night to find soft lighting, music playing, slippers on the bed, chocolates and a turn down service....pretty swanky or Sheshe as we are now calling it!  We had a breakfast of champs and then hit the pool area, not a bad way to start a Saturday!  The pool service was out of this world, so naturally we had a cocktail, a Sheshe spritzy cocktail that luckily enough was on the guilt free list of cocktails.....gotta love a hotel that is concerned about your waist line!  My bestie, Kippy's sister Sara happens to live next door and came over to hang by the pool with us!  Sadly we couldn't turn into Eloise and live at the St. Regis forever and had to hit the road back to Charlotte.  

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  1. Girlll that ferris wheel picture is stunning... as are you of course!! xoxo