Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Adventure...

Saturday, my friends Emilie and Erin and I decided to be adventurous and hike Crowder's Mountain.  We also decided to hike the strenuous trail, it was pretty tough, but we made it to the top-very proud!  Sure we were given a couple (or a lot) of interesting looks, decked out in lulu lemon, hats and looking pretty happy, we were not the average chick out on the mountain!  We decided to take a different route down, it was 4 miles up and we had already gone about 3 miles down when we began to doubt our direction (even though Erin had us going the right way-map girl all the way!).  Thank goodness our friendly Park ranger who we had met at the top saw us on the side of the road and flashed his lights.  He saved us, he pointed out we had at least another 4 miles to go to get back to our car and thankfully gave us a lift.  All in all a fabulous day, with a couple of lessons learned!!!

The trail-back to nature!!

View from the Top-beautiful!

Crowders all the way!

So proud we made it!

Happy Girl!

Our Bestie-rifle rack and all!

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