Thursday, March 28, 2013

Girlfriends in NYC

My besties from college (that would be Tennessee and yes we were Pi Phi's together) and I try to meet up every couple of months-this time we chose NYC for our stomping ground.  What a fabulous weekend with cocktails at the W hotel, dinner at Patsy's, dancing at Kiss and Fly and Tenjune along with shopping in Soho and a stop at the Drybar for an uplift for the hair.
This darling gem that Megan brought saved my life!  Lots of vitamins...I highly recommend this!

Drybar-a little Sunday uplift!  Love these girlies!!!

Just a little selfie action in the bathroom-who doesn't do this?  And look at that background, too fab to miss!

Someone got a little frisky with the naked cowboy in times square-ooops!


  1. Great post! Love these pics! haha

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    1. Thanks Deanne! I love your blog! xo