Monday, October 1, 2012


Megan and Sarah with Armando-fantastic Italian...although I'm pretty sure we were surrounded by the Mob

Megan and I at Chanel-Red lips are so in!

Champagne for lunch at Ralph Lauren...happy bubbles!

Megan and I at Ralph Lauren for lunch-fantastic!

Walking around the city, beautiful town and very friendly people!
I met up with two of my best friends in Chicago for a girl's weekend, it's the only way we can see each other (we all live in different states).  We stayed at the Palomar Hotel-perfect location!  We walked all over the city and discovered great places for food and drinks.  Lunch at Ralph Lauren was a highlight with a bottle of champagne.  The Sable bar in our hotel was a perfect place to re-charge and drink more champagne (this was a recurring pattern).  Megan and I explored the treasures at Chanel and picked up some new red lipsticks.  Chicago is a great town to explore, especially with friends!

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